Introducing the Manta za Ruge project

by RMF Admin

On 3rd October, 2023, the Ruge Mutahaba Foundation introduced ‘Manta za Ruge’ a project that endeavors to unearth the very heart of Ruge’s intrinsic essence, legacy, and philosophy (Manta) that propelled him towards exceptional achievements. Through this project the foundation aims to develop a digital archive of Ruge’s speeches, interviews, quotes and photos and publish a book that delves into Ruge’s transformative work-life philosophy. To implement the project, RMF has partnered with MAI Consultancy Services, an organization run by a former mentee of the late Ruge Mutahaba, who was co-authoring a book with him before his untimely demise.

Why the term Manta za Ruge?

The name ‘Manta za Ruge’ draws inspiration from the metaphor of miners extracting valuable minerals from the heart of rocks (‘Manta’). It’s a term that Ruge often used to describe young, driven, persistent, and determined individuals or entrepreneurs who would stop at nothing to realize their potential (‘Wamanta’). 

Manta za Ruge’s relevance to young Tanzanians

In a world where many first attempts don’t come with a guidebook, mentorship, especially for the youth, plays a pivotal role in aligning their well-intentioned yet vaguely defined ambitions with the realities of the business and social world. The late Ruge Mutahaba used to refer to this alignment as the ‘Mchakato wa lazima,’ a necessary process.

Through various initiatives including Fursa (a national wide Youth Entrepreneurship Program), School Excellence (Graduate Mentorship Program) and Tanzania House of Talents – THT (Unprivileged/Youth Talent’s nurturing), Ruge mentored young Tanzanians and supported them to pursue their dreams.

Unfortunately, future generations of young Tanzanians will not have the privilege of receiving such intentional mentorship from the man himself. However, through the Manta za Ruge, the foundation can continue to share Ruge’s invaluable teachings to guide and mentor future generations of young Tanzanians.

You can now access the ‘Mantas’ already being published on InstagramTikTokXThreadsYouTube, and Facebook. For queries on or contributions to the project, please email [email protected].

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