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Manta za Ruge

Manta za Ruge a project that endeavors to unearth the very heart of Ruge's intrinsic essence, legacy, and philosophy (Manta) that propelled him towards exceptional achievements.

Through this project we aim to develop a digital archive of Ruge's speeches, interviews, quotes and photos and publish a book that delves into Ruge's transformative work-life philosophy.

To implement the project, we have partnered with MAI Consultancy Services, an organization run by a former mentee of the late Ruge Mutahaba.

Chinga Digital

The Chinga Digital Program seeks to engage young Tanzanians stuck on the first level of the enterprise ladder within the digital economy, particularly those doing digitally delivered work. These include freelancers, hustlers and micro-enterprises.

Through this program we aim to support the creation and absorption of income generating opportunities for youth stuck in the first level of the digital economy enterprise ladder.

Ruge's School of Excellence

Ruge’s School of Excellence is a youth mentorship initiative that seeks to equip passionate young Tanzanians entering the labor market with leadership skills and practical experiences by immersing them into community projects for societal impact.

Through this project, we aim to build a network of young leaders who will work together to address Tanzania's challenges and achieve extraordinary social impact.

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The name Manta za Ruge was inspired by the analogy of miners unearthing valuable minerals from the heart of rocks (Manta). It was a word that the late Ruge loved to use in reference to young, driven, persistent and determined individuals or entrepreneurs who would stop at nothing to realize their potential.

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