Developing solutions to solve youth unemployment


The Problem

The linear pathway from school, to university, to a first job no longer exists, anywhere in the world.

Structural barriers and personal barriers keep millions of youth out of furthering their education and accessing opportunities. Youth in Tanzania are no exception. 

900,000 young Tanzanians leave the school system to enter the job market only to compete for 100,000 formal jobs each year, with little to no social capital, work experience, guidance or support.

In the face of unemployment, a considerable number of young Tanzanians opt to employ themselves in the informal sector.

While the informal sector remains the least preferred option for many young Tanzanians, especially those with post-secondary qualifications, it is where many young people find pathways to income – even as a ‘side hustle’ alongside other work including a formal job.


It is the informal economy that young Tanzanians who are at home and not working can ‘get busy’ in the hustle of a micro-enterprise. They can move from standing still to climbing the first level of the enterprise ladder. In the process, many of them may find their way up further levels of the ladder as they formalize their small businesses and become sustainable entrepreneurs.


However, the journey to sustainable entrepreneurship is not easy for many young Tanzanians. The lack of capital, unclear business registration process, taxes and a lack of understanding business and financial management skills, make it difficult for many to formalize and grow their businesses, leaving them stuck in the informal sector that is characterized by low productivity and intense competition.

How are we solving it?

Reports & Insights

We provide insights on jobs and income generating opportunities on various economic sectors as well as the challenges that young people face in fully accessing them.

Community Building & Events

We build communities of thriving ecosystem stakeholders that share best practices, and knowledge as well as contribute to solving the challenges that young people face in pursuing income generating opportunities.

Capacity Building and Mentorship

We build the entrepreneurial capacity of young people stuck-on the first level of the entrepreneurship ladder through a hands-on, mentorship driven approach that supports them to become sustainable entrepreneurs.

Advocacy Campaigns

We run evidence-based campaigns to raise awareness on opportunities that young Tanzanians can pursue and on salient issues keeping them from pursuing their dreams.


We organize and host fundraising events to support causes that deeply impact young people and keep them from pursuing their dreams and their economic destiny.


We provide micro-scholarships and equipment for young Tanzanians to gain the necessary skills and experiences that would better position them to pursue their dreams.