The Ruge Mutahaba Foundation’s Institutional structure governs the implementation of the foundation’s strategic approach under the guidance of the Board of Trustees. Our Board of Trustees is composed of 6 members from different recognized sectors of society namely the government, private sector, civil society, and academia. The Board of Trustees is chaired by Prof. Rwekaza Mukandala.


The foundation has two committees: the Management Office and the Audit and Risk Committee. The Management Office is run by the CEO, Ms. Cynthia N. Bavo. It is responsible for the operational and strategic day-to-day management of the foundation. On the other hand, the Audit and Risk Committee is responsible for monitoring and optimizing the foundation’s internal processes, including ensuring good governance and due diligence.

Code of Conduct

The purpose of our Code of Conduct is to express the commitment of the foundation to the highest level of integrity. The activities of the foundation are strongly interlinked with our society, in particular the youth, as we seek to enable young people to take control of their economic destiny. As a partner with purpose, we value creativity, innovation, excellence, perseverance and empathy.